Tom's Story

Retiree, Vintage Motorcycle Rider & Artist

Who would have thought putting away a few National Geographic magazines on a shelf would end up with me breaking my wrist and eventually having it replaced. Well, that’s pretty much my story. After breaking my wrist that day and having it repaired at a local hospital where they put a screw in it, I was still having pretty regular pain. I mentioned this to a friend of mine in the vintage motorcycle club I ride with and he said, “You ought to go see Dr. Berdia.” So, I did, and what we discovered on my first visit was a little shocking. It turned out the screw that was put in when I had broken my wrist was too long and was now tearing up the cartilage in my wrist. He then told me I had two options: fuse it or replace it. So I went ahead with having it replaced, which couldn’t have been more perfect because after my surgery everything felt and worked great – especially when it came to being able to have the throttle control I needed on my motorcycle. However, about six and half years later I was having constant aching pain in the same wrist and went back in to see Dr. Berdia. This time it turned out to be a benign tumor in my forearm. And once again, after removing my tumor, Dr. Berdia got everything working perfectly. I was glad since it was pretty near where he had originally attached a device to help stabilize my wrist during the prior surgery he performed.

I can personally tell you these guys are awesome! They’ve even added me to their hall of fame wall with some of the local professional athletes they’ve treated – sure it took some coaxing, but I’m up there now. And now painting again, something I had always wanted to get back to after college but had just never made time for.

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