Melissa's Story

Fitness Instructor & Triathlete

Well, it all began when I was in rehab after having my knee scoped, and I mentioned to my therapist I was having some hip pain – easy enough I thought, we’ll work on that while I’m here too. So that’s what we did, but the pain was still there. Then I to my PA and she recommended I talk to Dr. Gupta, and I did. We tried more PT and steroid shots over the next year but I was walking with a limp and having to lift my leg into the car just to get in. As a 45-year-old fitness instructor and triathlete, both Dr. Gupta and I knew the time had come for a complete hip replacement. The answer I was looking for? – maybe not, but I knew something had to change and it did.

I had my hip replacement surgery before Thanksgiving and was up and walking the same day with a cane for stability. I didn’t even need the walker. Then home for Thanksgiving and my recovery which went so well I was able to return to work the following week and was given the okay five weeks later to resume my normal activities, including teaching my weekly cycling course at the local YMCA, something I love and look forward to. Now I’m back to training for triathlons and all those things that are part of my weekly workouts, from swimming to cycling and weight training. For me, my hip replacement was exactly what I needed to recapture my active life – that’s why I choose CAO.

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